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We encourage interested individuals to apply. AMD staff will work with you to help you gain the qualifications needed to begin or continue your career in Early Childhood Education. By working with the state of Wisconsin Department of Children and Families and our local childcare resource and referral agency, Family Connections, we can help you access the classes and training to get started for little to no cost.

We are happy to help you through the process toward making your work meaningful in the lives of the families and children throughout Sheboygan County.

We are looking for the dreamerz, the helpers, any amazing folks and all quality candidates to interview for the following positions within our organization. All positions require a fingerprint background check.

Lead Teachers

Teaching in an early childhood environment is great for people who love being around children and who have a passion for early childhood education. If you want to help children get a great start in life while helping to form their educational experience from an early age as one of our indispensable and hard-working lead teachers, we would love to have you on our team. Individuals that can provide consistency, love, support and positive guidance to build childrens' social, cognitive, physical and language skills are ideal for this position.

A lead teacher typically works with groups of children, ages birth through age 17. Lead teachers make and follow lesson plans that encourage development, work with support staff to manage busy classrooms and engage with families to provide individual care and support for each child. Lead teachers have flexibility and work well with children and adults alike.

Assistant Teachers

This position is ideal for someone looking to grow within the early childcare and education field. Assistant teachers are willing and able to work well with children of all ages and developmental abilities as well as cooperatively with the lead teaching and other staff.

This person is responsible for working under the direction of the childcare teacher including but not limited to supervising, nurturing and caring for children typically from birth through age 17. they'll work cooperatively with the lead teacher(s) and other staff to effectively meet the individual needs of all children.

Substitute Teacher

These amazing people are responsible for working under the direction of the childcare teacher, following the lesson plan or routine provided which will generally include supervising, nurturing and caring for children from birth through age 17.

We value our substitute teachers because of their dedication and flexibility in caring for and educating children. This position is only available for a total of 240 hours. After which AMD will provide an opportunity to gain the qualifications for Assistant Childcare Teacher to grow your career in Early Childhood Education.

Teacher's Aide

If you love working with kids, enjoy creating community, or are just a helper at heart and want to be part of the "village" that it takes to raise children, this may be for you. We need individuals that are rooting for families and willing to work on team KID! you'll work closely with teaching staff and children to fulfill a variety of roles. Responsibilities of this role vary from engaging closely with groups of children to preparatory work to covering break-times or help with mealtimes, anything that aids in creating our kind, caring, all-inclusive childcare community.


This is our volunteer opportunity! We need individuals that are rooting for families, have a volunteer spirit and are rooting for team KID! it's important to understand that "All of us, at some time or other, need help." The helpers at our center are valuable because of the variety of roles they can fill. Some responsibilities of this position may include clerical, janitorial, preparatory or classroom duties. With certain qualifications individuals may become ratio qualified helpers with the ability to interact and supervise during children's play activities while working under a lead teacher to keep children safe during care.

A helper will fill a variety of roles including reading to and playing with children, joining in meals or snacks with children and helping out in classrooms and the center in general. Helpers will be able to design their time with the Center Director to provide that support that interests you most.

If you're interested in becoming an AMD helper, please fill out our online questionnaire and waiver forms.

Stay Tuned

Keep checking in this area for more information regarding support staff positions and other positions that become available as we expand and grow.

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