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Childcare has been a struggle for us from the start. We had our son in March of 2019. We called many childcare centers while I was pregnant with our son. Every single childcare center turned us down, saying they had a "waitlist" of 50+ kids. As a mom, I feared I wouldn't be able to go back to work or consider having more children.

Before A Million Dreamz, I found babysitters, but it wasn't always steady. One of them shut down on me abruptly, leaving me without childcare for 2 weeks! The other wanted to go back to a regular job. The first babysitter wouldn't unlock her doors until 6am, and I had to be at work by then. I was running late to work every day, waiting out in the freezing cold in winter. It was very frustrating.

I prayed that one day we'd find a childcare that would open early and be flexible with our work schedules. Many days, our son cried because he didn't want to go to the in-home "childcare".

Sheboygan doesn't have many childcare places. If they do, they're either full or have a huge waitlist. We need to find a solution, and I feel that A Million Dreamz is on the right path. They have so much going for them.

When we first heard of A Million Dreamz, I said, "24/7? No way! That's amazing".

Do you realize how many jobs require you to work weekends, let alone holidays? Oh wait, it gets better ... they're open until midnight?! (At least for now). What other childcare offers that? None!

I can't thank this place enough. The teachers are amazing. Mrs. Berry is fantastic, always willing to help and listen.

I've never seen my son so happy to go to childcare. He usually skips right in and gives his teacher a big hug. If this doesn't put your heart at ease, I don't know what would.

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A Million Dreamz415 Euclid AvenueSheboygan, WI 53083Phone: 920-287-3092